1. Do I have to be a Canadian Citizen to buy property?
Answer: No. Anyone with sufficient funds can buy property in Canada.

2. What costs will I incur when buying?
Answer: Property Transfer Tax. 1% of the first$200,000 plus 2% on the balance. Setting up a mortgage. Legal fees, registration fees etc.

3. Do I have to pay the Realtor?
Answer: No. The Realtor gets paid by the listing company.

4. How much of a down payment do I need?
Answer: Generally 10% but this is open to qualification with each lender.

5. Should I buy or rent?
Answer: It depends on your personal beliefs. West Vancouver/North Vancouver real estate has been excellent investment over the last 20 years and has appreciated more than the inflation rate.


1.Who is the best Realtor in West Vancouver/North Vancouver for me?
Answer: Find a West Vancouver/North Vancouver Realtor that will have the Expertise, Experience, Time and Skills to get you the highest PRICE possible in the shortest amount of time. Someone who knows the market and will treat you and your business with priority, attention and skill. - Sean Hulscher.

2. How long will it take to sell my West Vancouver/North Vancouver house?
Answer: From 1 week to 4 months if it is priced correctly.

3. How do I set a price for my West Vancouver/North Vancouver home?
Answer: A good Realtor will provide a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) which will compare your home with similar homes that are currently listed and also recently SOLD.

4. What can or should I do to enhance my sale?
Answer: De-clutter your home as much as possible - use a storage facility for non essentials. Repair/paint any visual blemishes. Talk to Sean Hulscher for expert help from painters, plumbers and electricians.

5. Why should I sell my West Vancouver/North Vancouver home with Sean Hulscher?
- 28 years as a recognised Realtor on the North Shore!
- A vast network of buyers and Realtors who may be interested in your home
- Works with Angell Hasman and Associates Realty Ltd. a specialised boutique real estate office.
The best Knowledge
- Sean Hulscher is out daily checking the competition
- currently listed properties and can comment of them in comparison to your house
- Sean Hulscher does what is best and right for his clients. See the testimonials.
- Sean Hulscher sells over 90% of the properties he lists
- Sean works well with other Realtors and is well regarded by his peers
- Sean will get your house SOLD.